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Toe Anti-slip Bottom Stick High Heels Thick Soft

Toe Anti-slip Bottom Stick High Heels Thick Soft

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Material: EVA
Size: 6.5 * 3 * 1.5 cm
Color: as shown

1. Designed according to the toe contour to help your big shoes adjust and prevent the heel from slipping.
2. Made of breathable EVA, just like a finger pillow. Soft and comfortable, even people with sensitive fingers can wear it comfortably.
3 shoe padding helps minimize the drift of the remaining fingers and helps you standardize walking!
4 This toe pad prevents the shoes from wrinkling on the toes and helps prevent the shoes from rupturing and collapsing.
5. Can be washed by hand and can be reused. It is ideal for people of medium size and small size.
6. Widely used: suitable for men's and women's shoes, can be used for high heels, moccasins, flat shoes, casual wear, boots, running shoes and running shoes.

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